The Beach Club
Beach Volleyball Clinics

for Chicago-area Juniors


Our clinics will provide a fun and safe environment for its players.  And our program is designed to facilitate education and skill development while instilling a love of the game of volleyball as well as an appreciation for sports in general.

We run 2-day sessions each week; $95 per session.  Participants choose the number of sessions along with the preferred days and times, broken down as follows:
Days: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday
Times: 10:30 - 12:30 or 1:00 - 3:00

Instructional Schedule:
Each day will be divided into 3 general sessions:
Session 1: Individual Skill Development,
Session 2: Team Strategies, &
Session 3. Competitive Matches.
Plus, there will be plenty of breaks throughout the day to ensure participants receive proper rest and rehydration.  We'll use this down time to discuss various issues under the general topic of "Athletics and Maturation."

Play in Chicago's Best Tourneys
Participants will receive a 20% discount for all Beach Club tourneys.  Events include 6 West Coast AAU Junior Olympics qualifying tournaments as well as the nationally advertised Windy City Championships.

Tourney Schedule:
Our Program's Goals & Philosophy
Our beach volleyball clinics, sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union, were created by the North Avenue Pros beach volleyball players to teach young athletes the competitive game of outdoor beach doubles.  Participants will learn how to tailor setting, passing and hitting skills to the beach game, and will learn the competitive strategies needed to succeed at the highest levels.

We apply an holistic approach to education, focusing on both physical and mental conditioning.  And while all camps promise to develop physical skills that enable players to reach their fullest potential; we also aim to instill life lessons and encourage personal growth.

Our program is open to girls, ages 12 - 18, who are experienced volleyball players and are serious about the game.  All participants are encouraged to participant in our AAU-sanctioned beach doubles tourneys.  These events are a great maturational experience, not to mention a lot of fun.
AAU Membership
Only $14

The Beach Club
Camp Directors


Omar Moran

Cathy Cheng


Mary Guth

Nate Oyos, Bill Yedor
& Morris Minuskin

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