The Beach Club
Common Questions

Sign Up Issues:
Q. Can we sign up for more that one camp session?
A. Yes.  You can sign up for as many sessions as you want as long as space is available.  But we strongly advise against signing up for two sessions/day.  Players will get burnt out.

Q. There's no place to list our daughter's age or AAU number when we registered.  Isn't that necessary?
A. We'll obtain that information from you before camp starts up.

Q. Must our daughter sign up with a partner or can she sign up as a single?  And can she request a specific partner for your tourneys?

A. Everyone signs up individually.  If a player has a preference when choosing partners for our tourneys, that preference will be honored.
Camp Operations:
Q. Can w
e drop off our child early?  If so, how early?
A. Yes.  We'll be on premises 1/2 hour before the start of each camp. 

Q. If I'm running late to pick up our child, can I arrange for a babysitting service.
A. We'll have someone remaining at the camp site for 1/2 hour after camp ends.  If you're running late, you could call our hotline number to arrange supervision at an additional cost.

Q. What happens if it rains?
A. We'll always hold our camp, rain or shine.  It's beach v-ball, we could play in a little rain.  And parents are planning on their kids being with us during this time period (to their relief?).

Having said that, we don't play during heavy downpours or w/lightning in the area.  In those circumstances, we'll go indoors.

Now, the point behind the camp is beach training.  If we spend more than a half hour on any given day inside (thus, not training), we'll provide a pro-rated refund.

Q. Do you still run camp in extreme heat?
A. Again, we'll have camp.  But we won't play during extreme heat.  In those circumstances, we'll go indoors.  If we spend more than a half hour on any given day inside, we'll provide a pro-rated refund.

Instruction and Training:
Are you limiting the number of kids you can take for the Twin Lakes Camp in July ?
A. Yes, it's a small venue, so we have to limit enrollment to avoid overcrowding.

Q. Are you breaking up groups by age?  
A. In general, players will be divided into groups based on skill level.  Age is an important factor, but its not determinative.

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