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The Beach Club
Camp Directors


Omar Moran

Three-time Champ, N. Ave Pros
Scholarship player, Lewis Univ.
15 year pro level player
EVP player on the year
EVP defensive player of the year 

Cathy Cheng

2-Time Champ N. Ave. Pro
Women's AAA Champ
2-Time Queen-of-the-Beach
N. Ave. Pro Co-ed 2's Champ
Women's Gold Champ
N. Ave. Pro Player of the Year
2nd US Open - 2009
3rd US Open - 2010
MVP - 2010


Mary Guth

Attending The Univ. of Ill
 Indoor Club Coach
Lifelong v-ball Player
4-Year Beach Enthusiast
  Pending Member, N Ave Pros

Nate Oyos, Bill Yedor
& Morris Minuskin

 Teachers, Lawyers, v-ball pros
& Rock Climbers
Directors, The N. Ave. Beach Club
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